Got some questions?

Can the flu vaccination give you the flu?

No, you can’t get flu from the vaccine, as it doesn’t contain any live viruses.

When is the best time to schedule the flu vaccination?

The best time is as soon as possible after the vaccine becomes available (usually around March). Ideally, your staff should be vaccinated before the main flu activity between May and September.

How do I arrange vaccination appointment times for my staff?

We provide a free online system that allows staff to book their own appointment times and consent online at the same time. This reduces time and minimises your internal costs.

How many people can be vaccinated per session?

With advance planning and preparation, our qualified and experienced nurse can vaccinate up to 30 people per hour.

What if someone can’t attend on the day of our session?

If a number of people are unable to attend the on-site vaccination session, please contact us to discuss a further visit. If this is towards the end of the flu season, we may be able to offer a reduced rate. Alternatively, we can offer a flu vaccination voucher, which is redeemable at GP clinics and medical centres.

How long after vaccination does it take before providing protection?

It takes up to two weeks for the vaccine to start providing protection and it lasts for about 12 months.

What if any of my staff have adverse reactions to the vaccination?

Important follow up information is given to each vaccinated staff member. You are also given a detailed report on all aspects of the vaccination session.

How safe is the vaccine?

Most people have no reaction to the vaccine. Occasionally, the site where the vaccination was given is red or sore for a day or two. Some people experience mild side effects such as muscle aches or headaches for a short time after immunisation. This is a normal reaction.

Why should I provide flu vaccinations for my staff?

Flu in the workplace increases absenteeism, which lowers productivity and increases the workload of healthy staff members. The cost of ‘presenteeism’ – where sick employees come to work – is estimated to be even greater. When contagious, they could pass their illness on to co-workers, resulting in widespread illness and absence.

How can I obtain a quote?

Our team will contact you to discuss what vaccination involves and provide an estimate.

Do I need to send reminders?

The booking system sends automated emails before each scheduled vaccination session.

Can I tell how many people have booked in to a vaccination session?

Our online admin portal allows you to see who has made appointments.

Who does the vaccinations?

A registered and qualified nurse does the vaccinations. Thorough safety precautions are taken.