Our Experience


Our Experience

Vaccin8 @Work is an occupational health company specialising in workplace vaccination programs with the objective of directly improving immunisation awareness, public engagement and vaccination uptake rates amongst employees, broader company networks and communities.

Vaccin8 @ Work continues to play a major role during annual flu seasons to benefit the health and safety of many employees nationwide.

To date, we have also worked alongside government and non-profit organisations such as the Immunisation Coallition and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to support broader community health initiatives such as the annual Day of Immunology Vaccination Cafe. Read more about our projects.

Kerryn Lajoie, Director

Company Director, Kerryn Lajoie is a highly experienced Immunisation Nurse and a founding member of the Immunisation Foundation of Australia with an incredible passion and aptitude for driving immunisation programs within both the public and private arenas. Since beginning operations at Vaccin8 @ Work 15 years ago, Kerryn has worked with hundreds of corporate businesses in the development and implementation of successful workplace vaccination initiatives.She has also worked within local and state government organisations running large-scale vaccination programs.

In 2016 Kerryn’s business submission was awarded funding in the Sanofi Pasteur Vaxigrants Program for bright immunisation ideas, allowing Vaccin8 at Work to further support and collaborate with the Immunisation Coalition, Melbourne City Council, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, North Western Primary Health Network, Australian Society of Immunology and Immunise Melbourne to improve and expand the successful Victorian public vaccination clinic program and ‘Day of Immunology Vaccination Cafe’ event in Melbourne’s CBD. As a long-standing member of the Immunisation Coalition, Kerryn’s involvement in public clinics such as this are a testament to her enthusiasm and reflection of her dedication to supporting immunisation through public education and awareness.

15 years of experience

We have worked with numerous businesses of all sizes to help protect staff from the flu and businesses from losing time and money during annual flu seasons.